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I'm just working on The Big  Bam, a new Babe Ruth biography.  An excellen
read, by the way, baseball fan or not!, any of you validators!

There is a series of about 10 pages of photographs.  The captions all
scanned real nicely, and I do as Katie suggests, to delete the jibberish
characters.  Doing that really enhances the reading, I think. 

A Suggestion:  
what I do is to consistently insert this in front of each of the captions:


I actually just copy that text to the clipboard, and paste it in for each
caption, so it works pretty well and I think as a reader myself, it helps to
hear the term before the caption, and you know it is not part of the text

Hope that is a useful idea.

Something else -- Sometimes these pages of the book are part of the page
pagination and sometimes they are not.  If they are, I have put in a page
number if there is not one.

In this current book I'm working on, they are not part of the page numbering
and the next page with text is the page after the last page before the

One thing I did one time was that I found there was only like one more page
of a chapter remaining after a set of pages with photographs.  I chose to go
ahead and move those captions to after that last page of the chapter.  It
sure makes it nice to not have the chapter interrupted by the captions.


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HI Alexis,


This is common for the OCR software to do with pictures or illustrations. IT
may pick up a word or so but it is mostly odd symbols. The best thing to do
in this case is keep the caption and delete the gibberish. 


The other option would be to have sighted assistance and put a description
of the picture but not required. 


Katie Hill 

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Just submitted a book entitled "The Little Book of Hugs."  There are many
pictures in the print version that didn't scan.  When the OCR was applied to
the text, the pictures converted to letters and symbols that didn't make
sense.  I'm not sure if this will be difficult for the volunteer who
validates it or not.  Most of the pictures have captions that scanned



Alexis Read

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