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Hi guys, here's two responses in one post, just to cut down on list traffic.

Sharon, glad you are looking forward to the book!! That actually helped a lot cuz I admit I was beginning to get a lil discouraged with my book submissions. Like, my books take forever in validation, does no one else want to read this kind of stuff? So your reply helped a lot, thanks!

Jesse, thanks for the update on the book. I was just kinda concerned cuz I hadn't seen it up on the validation list, but I could have missed it. I check the list frequently, but even so, I'm glad it is being worked on.

All the best,

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Allison and Sharon -- Teaching Diverse, Exceptional, and at risk students, is in the hands of its second validator. Quite a long book, so it may be taking the volunteer some time, depending on how much checking they want to do. But it is definitely not lost.


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Yea, Allison, if THAT book is ever found, I want to be one of the first to read it! Been waiting a long time for that one. Sharon

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