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Just last week I happened to post on this same problem. When I was saving a
file originally as .kes into .rtf, often Kurzweil would insert many many
extra blank pages. I'm talking like over a hundred pages in a single book.
Anyways, fingers crossed, I haven't seen this happen at all in the past
week. I believe this was thanks to installing the newest Kurzweil patch.
And no, this is not only for version nine users. I'm using version eight,
and still a free patch for version eight users was made.
As a note, This free patch brings which ever version of Kurzweil to end in
o2. you can only install it after you installed the patch for your
version.o1, which also was free
Just as another note, this also solved the problem where Kurzweil was not
able to download books from Web-Braille. That one really confused me for the
longest while. Apparently web-braille's address had changed and I didn't
know about it. Hmm?
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> Curtis,
> Bookmarks won't survive the conversion to rtf, because they depend on the
proprietary kes format.  Pagination should be ok, although at least one
bookshare frequent submitter has reported that his conversions to rtf
> result in page proliferation. I don't seem to have that problem with
converting kes files. Since you have the kes file, you'll be able to conpare
the number of pages in it and your converted rtf to ensure that pages
> haven't multiplied like rabits.
> Mary

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