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  • Date: Mon, 12 Dec 2011 21:29:10 +0000 (GMT)

Hi Sean,
just a few points:
1. When you align with cursor, this shifts all selected tracks, so in your case 
the voice track should be selected, and the music track unselected.
2. When you playback in audacity, it plays back all tracks, unless some tracks 
are set to solo or mute (see the more advanced editing section of the jaws 
guide for more details). It doesn't depend on whether or not the tracks are 
3. I presume that after positioning the cursor and before using align you 
didn't press home or end which would have moved the cursor.


 From: Sean Paul <newsandtraffic@xxxxxxx>
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Subject: [audacity4blind] Re: Help using audacity

Heyya David:
I have the voice track edited down to have almost 
no silence at the beginning of it. I was able to make & edit the files with 
no problems once I got the hang of doing it. I recorded the voice track & 
edited it. Found the music track I wanted to use, edited & faded it. Then 
saved both files. I did both of these as separate projects & then exported 
them & saved them to the desktop. Then I went back & imported them both 
in to a project with to different tracks there. I first went to the music 
selected it, found the place where I wanted the voice track to come in, set the 
cursor using shift A, then deselected that track. I then went down & made 
sure the voice track was there, played it, I did not do anything with it other 
than play it. I then went & found aline with cursor in the tracks menu. 
Then, nothing, the music file was in both places then. Hope this helps. I don't 
think I left out any steps as I wrote this. 
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>Subject: [audacity4blind] Re: Help using  audacity
>Hi Sean,
>you appear to be doing the right sort of thing, so it's a question  a working 
>out what's going wrong.
>After you shift the voice track using the align with cursor  command, then the 
>position of cursor should remain unchanged, that is its  where you wanted the 
>voice track to start. So if you press space to start  playback, you should 
>hear the start of the voice track.
>If this isn't the case, maybe try something simpler  first:
>1. Just import the voice track into a project.
>2. move the cursor to a few seconds into this voice  track.
>3. time shift the voice track so that is starts at the cursor  position.
>4. if you press spacebar it should start to play from the beginning  of the 
>audio in the voice track.
>5. If you then press home to move the cursor to time zero, and  press space 
>bar, there should be a few seconds of silence before the audio  starts.
>Does this simple example work?
> From: Sean Paul  <newsandtraffic@xxxxxxx>
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>Well, apparently I just can't get this. That  didn't work for me either. I 
>imported both files, selected the music track,  found the location where I 
>wanted the voice track to come in, placed the  cursor, unselected the music 
>track, selected the spoken or voice track, alined  the tracks using the aline 
>with cursor, & had the music track in both  tracks in the table then with no 
>spoken track @ all. Exported it in MP3 just  to make sure, & played the 
>exported MP3 track which was just the music  track. 
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>>I'll give this a try. Thanks so  much.
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>>>Hi  Sean!
>>>Using  the music track, you need to put the cursor where you want the spoken 
>>>word  track to begin. You can set the cursor by pressing shift-a, then 
>>>adjust it  with the arrow keys. Next make sure to unselect the music track 
>>>and select  the spoken track. Now you need to align the selected track with 
>>>the cursor  position. You’ll find this option in the Align Tracks submenu 
>>>located in  the Tracks menu. Note that if you change the length of the music 
>>>track  later on, this will effect the position of the cross  fade.
>>>Cheers,  Robbie
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>>>     Hello:
>>>Thanks so much for this  list & any help which anyone is able to give me 
>>>going  forward.
>>>I have read the manual  several times but I'm not able to figure out exactly 
>>>what it is that I'm  doing wrong.
>>>I am attempting to put  together my first podcast. I have both the files I 
>>>intend to use. My intro  music & my recorded spoken audio. I am wanting the 
>>>spoken audio to  come in when the music begins to fade. I've already got the 
>>>file set, the  music fading in the right place but I'm not exactly sure how 
>>>to place the  spoken audio where I want it to go. I've tried pulling both 
>>>files in to a  table, selecting all of the audio on the spoken file &  
>>>pasting it where I want it in the music track. No  go.
>>>What is the best way to  make this happen? Thanks  again.

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