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  • Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2012 18:32:16 +0200

In message <b5da429f52.chris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
          Chris Hall <chris@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>> I am getting consistent results for rendering (press f12 then return
>> and time it) as follows:
>> Pandaboard 1500 MHz 3.5s
>> Rapsberry Pi 700MHz 4.0s
>> ARMini 1000MHz      5.5s
>> Iyonix 600MHz      13.0s

F12 is not a good way to do that because lots of other things need to 
be redrawn as well. Far better to make sure that the ArtWorks window 
is fully open and selected, then press Ctrl+F8 to switch to outline 
mode. Press Ctrl+F5 to switch to anti-aliased mode, which causes a 
full redraw.

> Ah! But I now see that subsequent renders (not the second or third
> strangely) on the Iyonix are down to 4.5s so it must be something to
> do with memory buffering/cacheing.

Geminus can cache the results of ArtWorks rendering. Using the above 
Ctrl+F8, Ctrl+F5 trick, you can make sure that caching cannot spoil 
the results.

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