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  • Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2012 16:23:37 GMT

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>>>> According to the benchmarks in this the table, we have:
>>>>            ARMini (1000MHz)  Iyonix (600MHz)
>>>> Draw Path       329%             90%
>>>> Draw Fill       364%             66%
>>>> where the reference is a StrongARM RiscPC. I'm not sure why the
>>>> Iyonix is so slow compared to a StrongARM, but apart from that the
>>>> figures would indicate that an ARMini should be 3-5 times faster
>>>> than an Iyonix, not 1/3rd as fast, which is what my test shows (all
>>>> the objects in the test document are paths, filled paths, or text
>>>> (which are in practice more filled paths).

>>> I have just repeated the tests and the results are still the same. I
>>> don't know why either. However a single test will not tell you how
>>> fast 'overall' another computer is. Only for tasks dominated by the
>>> particular test.

>> Indeed, I wasn't claiming that my test was indicative of the overall
>> difference in performance between an ARMini and an Iyonix. It's simply
>> that I was intending to redo the map from scratch using a Robinson
>> projection, and was hoping that the ARMini would make it easier.
>> Unfortunately, it won't.

> This is an intriguing puzzle. This particular ArtWorks file is not
> even unusually complex. The only obvious performance weakness of the
> ARMini compared to an Iyonix is disc access speed, and that is
> irrelevant here. For all I have been told, the ARMini should
> outperform the Iyonix in any area relevant to this task, in some even
> by a large margin, so there should be a considerable speed-up. Even
> not having a speed-up would have been surprising, but a dramatic
> slowdown is absolutely unexpected. I have a suspicion what could cause
> this slowdown. I will run some tests and report back.

> Martin
The actual file loads in seven seconds from RAMFS on the Iyonix 
(Artworks 2.X.00) and in six seconds from the RAMFS on the Raspberry 
Pi (Artworks 2.XI.01). Not sure what is intriguing.

Chris Hall <chris@xxxxxxxxxx>
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