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>>> This is an intriguing puzzle. This particular ArtWorks file is not
>>> even unusually complex. The only obvious performance weakness of the
>>> ARMini compared to an Iyonix is disc access speed, and that is
>>> irrelevant here. For all I have been told, the ARMini should
>>> outperform the Iyonix in any area relevant to this task, in some even
>>> by a large margin, so there should be a considerable speed-up. Even
>>> not having a speed-up would have been surprising, but a dramatic
>>> slowdown is absolutely unexpected. I have a suspicion what could cause
>>> this slowdown. I will run some tests and report back.

>> The actual file (WorldMap_500BC) loads in seven seconds from RAMFS on
>> the Iyonix (Artworks 2.X.00) and in six seconds from the RAMFS on the
>> Raspberry Pi and ARMimi 1000MHz (Artworks 2.XI.01). Not sure what is
>> intriguing.

> We were not discussing loading speed. We were discussing rendering
> speed. It is intriguing that - assuming Nick's measurements are
> correct and can be reproduced - the ARMini is three times slower to
> render this ArtWorks file than the Iyonix, even though it ought to be
> much faster than the Iyonix according to its specifications.

> Martin
I am getting consistent results for rendering (press f12 then return 
and time it) as follows:
Pandaboard 1500 MHz 3.5s
Rapsberry Pi 700MHz 4.0s
ARMini 1000MHz      5.5s
Iyonix 600MHz      13.0s

Seeing as the Pi has a video processor these look consistent.

Chris Hall <chris@xxxxxxxxxx>
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