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  • Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2012 16:15:10 GMT

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          Keith Dunlop <> wrote:

> [snip]

>> The actual file (WorldMap_500BC) loads in seven seconds from RAMFS on
>> the Iyonix (Artworks 2.X.00) and in six seconds from the RAMFS on the
>> Raspberry Pi and ARMimi 1000MHz (Artworks 2.XI.01). Not sure what is
>> intriguing.

> It is about the same here on my ARMini and my PandaBoard ES running at
> 1.5GHz - PandaBoard feels a bit quicker but not by much.

>> Can't seem to get Artworks working on the pandaboard ES.

> How old is your ROM?
I have now updated it from mid April to today's ROM. It now works. 
Many thanks.

> Have you joined the PandaLand scheme?
Not yet.

> That issue should have been solved by now.

> Cheers,

Chris Hall <chris@xxxxxxxxxx>
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