[access-uk] Netbook thread revisited

  • From: "Jackie Cairns" <jackie.cairns@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <access-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2008 09:14:08 -0000

Hi All

Apologies for cross-posting for those subscribed to both lists, but this topic 
has been covered on Access UK and BCAB recently.

Having been very interested in the thread of Netbooks, I decided to have a 
wander round while on a couple of days leave last week, and have now purchased 
the Samsung NC10.  I looked at the Advent and Asuss machines, as well as a 
similar spec Packard-Bell and the Samsung.  I chose the latter because I just 
liked the keyboard that little bit better.  For those who use a Pac Mate 
qwerty, the keys on the Samsung are not unlike it, and I felt comfortable 
typing on it without feeling too cramped up for space.

I've now installed JAWS, K1000 and Microsoft Office Professional 2003, and find 
it works a treat with these and other programs I have added and use regularly.  
In fact, it's a cracker! I particularly love its portability, and bought a nice 
little bag that takes its mains charger and has room for other items like an 
external drive or USB pen.

For those interested in wanting to buy one of these machines, the Samsung NC10 
comes with 1GB RAM, 160GB hard drive, WiFi and Bluetooth, Windows XP Home, has 
three USB ports, ethernet connection, microphone and headphone sockets, and a 
battery life purported to be around the 2.5 hour mark.  They come in I believe 
blue, white and black, the latter being the choice I went for.  They cost 
around £300.

All the machines I looked at had very similar specifications, with a slight 
variation on the estimated battery life.  For me - and this is very personal to 
the individual - the Samsung had just that bit nicer keyboard.

So far, so brill!!

Jackie Cairns
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