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  • Date: Sun, 30 Nov 2008 20:13:08 -0000

Yes it is working great with system access I agree, and you can easily start 
and stop the playing of the audio sample.
I must admit I don't like the structure of the new site.  When I was viewing 
the new release pages, I used to be able to see a brief summary underneath each 
title which used to give me an indication as to whether I wanted to read the 
full summary.  Now when I went to get my two audio books this month, I had to 
press enter on each link to see what the book was about, then go back to the 
new release page.  
But at least with system access we can hear the audio samples now.
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  The flash player is now fine with System Access.
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        The problem is that the audio player is Flash based. They've used an 
embedding technique that hides the Flash from screen readers, the Flash itself 
isn't accessible  and the underlying code isn't compatible either. It isn't 
easy to reverse engineer Flash, but the principle problems are clear.

        I contacted Audible earlier this week to explain all this and give them 
some more technical information. How quickly they respond will depend on 
whether it's a third party application or whether they have in-house control 
over it. If it is a third party application, I've also pointed them at a fully 
accessible alternative.



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    I couldn't get any audio samples using either System Access nor Jaws 10.

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      I'm using Jaws 10 and am able to access the samples. I use the tab key to 
navigate through the info for each book, author, title etc. from memory, it 
takes five presses to go through the info for each book. On the second or third 
press jaws remains silent but if you hit enter at that point the sample plays.




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      In recent times a sample recording of books etc. was not available when 
using screen readers. This would still seem to be the same using JAWS Version 
10 and below. However, when using System Access, the problem seems to be 
resolved. Using System Access, I am able to get a sample recording of anything 
on the Audible site.


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