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Hi Ron,
Try the MaxBlastII utility it has been known to sove some problems;
MaxBlast Plus II 

One step installation and setup 

Easy to use, Graphical Interface (GUI) with mouse and printer support 

Allows up to four IDE devices in the same system 

EZ-Copy lets you make an exact duplicate of your existing hard drive 

Breaks the capacity barriers of 528MB, 2.1GB, 4.2GB, 8.4, 32 & 64GB 

Fast ATA and Enhanced IDE compatible 

Windows 95, 95B, 98, Me, NT 4.0, Win 2K, and Windows XP 

Creates a bootable floppy diskette 

There must be at least one Maxtor Hard Disk Drive installed in the system
for MaxBlast Plus II to run 

If you are trying to setup a new drive and it cannot be not found by
MaxBlast Plus II, you will be directed to a troubleshooting 

Installation Walkthrough (Tutorial) allows you to view the installation
process before physically installing your Maxtor hard drive

MaxBlast Plus II allows a printable version of the installation process
after viewing the Installation Walkthrough tutorial (Printer Required)
 ++ There is more on the web site.

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On 21/12/2002 at 5:07 PM Ron Allen wrote:

Hello All,

I am trying to fix up a computer I no longer use to give to my very 
young niece and nephew as a Christmas gift.

P3 550MHz
Abit Be-6II mainboard, Award BIOS, 6/21/2000 I44BX-W977-6A69-KA19C-SH
Maxtor 91531U3 15Gb Hard Drive

When I go into the BIOS setup, it reports the correct size of the hard
 drive. When I fdisk the drive and try to format it, it is formatted as
 2.1Gb. Yes, I have enabled large drive support in fdisk. Partition Magic
 8.0 also sees it as a 2.1Gb drive when I try to fix the drive using PM
 rescue disks. I have replaced the mainboard battery, so that isn't it. I'm
 at a loss. The BIOS reports the correct 15.x Gb drive size from the setup
 screen, but does not report it correctly after exiting setup to the

What am I missing folks?



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