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It's your boot disk. is it a windows start up disk or dos? Use a new windows
startup disk to format it or even better use maxblast2 from Maxtor with this
HD utility it will format and partition your drive in about 15seconds.

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> Hello All,
> I am trying to fix up a computer I no longer use to give to my very young=
>  niece and nephew as a Christmas gift.
> P3 550MHz
> Abit Be-6II mainboard, Award BIOS, 6/21/2000 I44BX-W977-6A69-KA19C-SH
> 256Mb SDRAM
> Maxtor 91531U3 15Gb Hard Drive
> When I go into the BIOS setup, it reports the correct size of the hard=
>  drive. When I fdisk the drive and try to format it, it is formatted as=
>  2.1Gb. Yes, I have enabled large drive support in fdisk. Partition Magic=
>  8.0 also sees it as a 2.1Gb drive when I try to fix the drive using PM=
>  rescue disks. I have replaced the mainboard battery, so that isn't it.
>  at a loss. The BIOS reports the correct 15.x Gb drive size from the
>  screen, but does not report it correctly after exiting setup to the=
>  system.
> What am I missing folks?
> Thanks,
> Ron

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