[24hoursupport] Re: Star NX-2430 Printer Driver

  • From: Barry Aronson <baronson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 14 Aug 2002 01:29:54 -0500

At 13:38 2002-08-13 -0500, you wrote:

>I need to find a Windows printer driver for an old Star NX-2430 dot-matrix
>printer. Google and even Jeeves hasn't turned up anything useful.
>http://www.starmicronics.com doesn't seem to have any driver software at
>all, and the Japanese site I can't read well enough to see if they do or
>not. One Google search turned up a page on the Japanese site in English
>that only showed a list of the printers supported by the star.exe driver
>installer, but no star.exe itself. http://www.download.com doesn't have the
>driver for the NX-2430. One page I turned up on a Google search indicated
>that the file could be downloaded from Microsoft, but if so I haven't been
>able to locate it there yet. http://www.windrivers.com wants $30 for a
>six-month membership, and that's stupid (call me cheap if you like, but I
>think it's ridiculous to charge that much for a service most people, I
>believe, may need once in a blue moon).
>Anyone know where I might turn up the drivers for this printer?
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Hello Ron!  Since you asked your question you have gotten several 
responses, including mine which came from the manual for your printer and 
should have fixed your problem.  You thanked everyone who responded, EXCEPT 
me.  LOL

This really should not be a problem at all, for the selection of the Star 
NX-2430 is in every CD I own.  You just have to add a new printer from the 
control panel, make sure you select Bi-Directional, and make sure that you 
have an additional parallel port card, or you could create a serial 
connection as well.  Dot Matrix printers will normally work with any OS, it 
is Hardware specific not software specific.

You printer will work just fine with an Epson LQ-850/860 emulation or one 
of the IBM Pro printers.  I have had a Panasonic 24 pin printer for 10 
years and that is the way it was setup that many years ago.  Make sure you 
use a 1284 EEE compliant cable so as to allow the printer to talk back and 
forth to your computer.

I hope this finally helps you.

Barry ~ baronson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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