[24hoursupport] Re: Resize partition?

  • From: Bram <bramk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 26 Apr 2003 23:44:06 +0200


Hi Ron,
What version of Partition Magic are you using?.  As far as I understand you
cannot change an NTFS partition that has XP installed on it.

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> Bram: With Partition Magic you definitely can re-size NTFS
> partitions. It's no problem at all, I have done it
> numerous times. I love Partition Magic for this and many
> other reasons. Partition Magic is one of those tools that
> you may only need once in a great while (unless you're a
> full-time service tech), but when you need it it's awfully
> nice to have available.
> Lene: I see nothing wrong with either re-sizing the
> partition or leaving it as it is. As Bram basically said,
> it depends on how you use your computer. By default,
> Windows will install software to your C:\Program Files
> directory, which is most likely on the same partition. The
> question is, will you have enough room or will you always
> install your programs to another partition? Also, by
> default the Windows "swap file" will be created in the
> root of your boot directory, and that is also a
> consideration because not having enough room for that will
> impact performance. I suggest using PM to create a
> partition for the swap file on a physically seperate drive
> from your boot drive, if you have a physically seperate
> drive to create a partition for this.
> HTH,
> Ron
> >You don't say if your original partition is Fat32 or
> >NTFS. If it's NTFS then
> >you can't change the partition size. You also don't say
> >what else you have
> >on the same partition( Office etc?), or what the total
> >size of your hard
> >disk is, so it's difficult to answer your question. More
> >details please.
> >> Hi everyone, I installed WinXP on a small partition
> >>(2.72 GB).  I recently
> >installed Partition Magic and I want to resize the XP
> >partition to about
> >5GB.  Should I do this or do you think that the current
> >size is adequate? I
> >also recently downloaded the Service Pack into another
> >hard drive that does
> >not have Windows XP.  Is it okay to delete this folder?

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