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Sullivan, Glenn wrote:

| F' management skills.  They never got the server rebuilt in the middle
| of the night when the support muppets wouldn't get out of bed.

Then you should hire different muppets.  I make clear to anyone who's
going to work in my department that they are on 24/7/365 call no matter
who they are, or they don't work here.

| Is there such a thing as a manager that can still keep in touch with
| what is really going on in the tech world?  I think I've only met one.

Depends on how high up you go.

| Maybe I'm just jealous of all of the money that managers get...

Ain't that the truth.

| Glenn Sullivan, MCSE+I  MCDBA
| David Clark Company Inc.

I definitely understand the sentiment, it can be frustrating, though I
personally feel the pain is worth the effort.  I've found the trick is
to be sure that they take good notes when you're explaining it, and that
you go over it with them several times until they've got it.  Given that
we're growing, I have to plan for the future when it just won't be
possible for me to do everything myself, and training your subordinates
is one of the key features to that.  One of the important points is to
make sure you hire people who are "trainable" rather than just "educated".

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