[windows2000] Re: [OT] Quarterly Review Metrics

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On Mon, 30 Aug 2004 15:29:09 -0400, Jeff Malczewski wrote:

>Indeed...  I have one "muppet" that I'm supposed to be able to delegate
>stuff to, but if someone comes and asks me, I usually just do it myself, for
>the same reasons that Glenn lists..  It just takes FAR too long to explain
>to people how to do the job that they were hired to do.

I second that!

The Assnt Sysadmin I have now though is pretty good, in the meaning
that he doesn't try to do things he doesn't know about, ie he knows
when to stay clear and ask for help and/or support. To bad his
admin-tasks are 2ry to his real job as a PhD-student...

>What happened to all the self-started and self-motivated learners??  I guess
>they all get promoted to positions like mine and don't remain "muppets"...
>Hence, the "muppets" that are left aren't very useful...

It's a generational thing. Do you ever see middle-aged sysadmins
sniffing your firewalls or trying ceaselessly to connect to your
servers, except when trying out the security? Script-kiddies and
their teen-friends however are a different matter...

Anyway, you're getting old. ;-)

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>F' management skills.  They never got the server rebuilt in the middle
>of the night when the support muppets wouldn't get out of bed.
>Is there such a thing as a manager that can still keep in touch with
>what is really going on in the tech world?  I think I've only met one.
>Maybe I'm just jealous of all of the money that managers get...



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