[windows2000] Re: Changing printer name in Win 2K

  • From: "Drew Shriner" <drew@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <windows2000@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2003 22:00:42 -0500

>I'm not sure you can do that with Novell.

Which is what I thought from the beginning. :)

>You can with Windows, but I think in Novell everything is based on the
leaf >object, and printer agents/printers must maintain a 1:1 ratio.

Surprisingly, the printer agents and the NDPS printers themselves do not
have to be even remotely close to the same name. One points to the
other... it's not related in name at all.

However, between workstation and NDPS printer... it does appear that it
has to be the same.

>However, wHether you can or not, you've exceeded my meagre experience
with >Novell, I'm only using win2k and Mandrake Linux here.

I've not been working with Novell all that long, but I learn quickly and
have had a little time to play around... I'm more than marginally
proficient with it. I just couldn't figure this one out.

>One option might be to give each of your printers a friendly name
component >like this:
>{truncated by DLS}

Although I could easily hand out a memo with a new naming scheme, I'm
not about to do that... especially since the vast majority of the users
are used to seeing the names as they are. And I personally think that it
is rather stupid to create duplicate leaves pointing to the same printer
agent for a limited number of people/machines (so that only the
workstation(s) in question sees the friendly name).

I was just hoping there was some easy way to rename them on the


Now, to make sure that I interpreted the message correctly from the
thread originator... are our problems the same?


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