[windows2000] Re: Changing printer name in Win 2K

  • From: "Chris Berry" <compjma@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2003 13:06:49 -0800

From: "Costanzo, Ray" <rcostanzo@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Sometimes the simplest solutions are so easily overlooked.  My brother,
with whom I share genes, walks into his bedroom and flips the
lightswitch.  The light didn't turn on.  He got a new lightswitch and
installed it.  The light still didn't turn on.  Then he changed the
lightbulb, and everything was fine.

Have to admit, similiar things have happened to me as well.

> As a side note, I've just discovere that Putty is WAY cooler
> than Cygwin for
> doing SSH connections to Linux boxes.  You get full keyboard
> functionality +
> copy and paste works, very sweet!

Um, okay, fine.  I've never SSH'ed into a *nix machine.  Again, my
unbroadened self is exposed.

I started using Linux because it's free, and budget is mostly virtual, but now I'm starting to find some things that are really cool about it in and of itself. For example:

date -d "-75 days"

Automagically produces:

Sun Sep 7 13:11:38 PDT 2003

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"Is Windows stronger than Linux?"
"No!....Quicker, easier, more seductive."
"But how am I to know the good side from the bad?"
"You will KNOW. When you are root, at the command line, knowledgeable."

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