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I won't be in town for any meeting dates between April 30 and May 25, so my 
vote would be irrevelant.


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> Just yesterday, Rick Rotramel mentioned that the SAC meeting on May 23 
> coincides with the first day of RTMC Astronomy Expo.
> I know it's only two months away, but I wonder if the Board would consider 
> moving that meeting date to May 16 (which I recognize then coincides with 
> EVAC).  We have a pretty large number of SAC members who go to RTMC.  I'm 
> not sure, but this may be the first time that SAC has scheduled a SAC 
> meeting over the top of RTMC.
> The moon will be very near Full on the 16th.
> I can speak for the VP when I say that she has not yet scheduled a May 
> speaker.
> Tom

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