[sac-board] Re: May Meeting Date

  • From: "AJ Crayon" <acrayon@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2008 18:25:16 -0700

Gene, thanks for the information about the dates.  I've sent e-mail to 
Howard Israel for confirmation.  Actually either date is acceptable, so I'll 
let him tell me which we decided upon.

AJ Crayon
Phoenix, AZ

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Errrrmmmm, AJ, according to the EVAC web pages, you are slated to speak
on June 20th (NOT May 16th)...
But of course you are on the esteemed team of cross-pollinators that
swarm to both meetings....

AJ Crayon wrote:

>I'm OK with a change to the meeting date due to RTMC.  Unfortunately if it
>is May 16th I'll miss the SAC meeting because I'm the scheduled speaker at
>the EVAC meeting.  Which, as Tom pointed out, will be at the same time.
>The response to Tom's request seems to be quiter than cricket chirps.
>Hopefully this will change with Board members
>weighting in.
>AJ Crayon
>Phoenix, AZ
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>From: "Tom Polakis" <tpolakis@xxxxxxx>
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>Subject: [sac-board] May Meeting Date
>Just yesterday, Rick Rotramel mentioned that the SAC meeting on May 23
>coincides with the first day of RTMC Astronomy Expo.
>I know it's only two months away, but I wonder if the Board would consider
>moving that meeting date to May 16 (which I recognize then coincides with
>EVAC).  We have a pretty large number of SAC members who go to RTMC.  I'm
>not sure, but this may be the first time that SAC has scheduled a SAC
>meeting over the top of RTMC.
>The moon will be very near Full on the 16th.
>I can speak for the VP when I say that she has not yet scheduled a May

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