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  • Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2007 10:03:43 -0400

Emmanuel B. and I mentioned the Fuji... there is some dispute relative
to whether these lenses are great however...

Eric Goldstein


On 8/31/07, R.C.Booth <rcbooth@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I've been following this thread with interest as I've been playing with wide
> angle lenses on a 2x3 Century Graphic.
> But if you can do with a 65mm lens, one ready-made solution is to get a Fuji
> GW690 in any of the three versions that were made.
> These are certainly convenient with great lenses and pretty close to an
> actual 6 x 9 format.
> http://rcbooth.zenfolio.com/
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> From: Mike Bischof
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> Sent: Friday, August 31, 2007 12:36 AM
> Subject: [rollei_list] Re: 6 x 9 search
> Jan,
> After all the technical discussions ;-), let me give you some perspectives
> from a user's point, as I have gone that route in the last couple of years
> -- and yes, it does lead to LF photography with no shortage of opportunities
> to blows lots of cash. As a result, my current favorite weapon is an Arca
> Swiss 4x5 Field camera with a Rodenstock Apo-Sironar S 210, but that's a
> different discussion :-D
> Back to the topic at hand. After considerable time with the 6x6 negatives
> and slides from my Rolleiflex, I wanted to get something with a bigger (and
> rectangular) negative, so my first choice was a Crown Graphic 23. Here are a
> couple of notes on that camera (which I still own and love, but which
> doesn't get a whole lot of use anymore, thanks to the Arca):
> 1) Relatively cheap and lightweight camera with good (and cheap) access to
> multiple lenses. I still have the 101mm Ektar and the 80mm WA Ektar, both
> are great lenses.
> 2) With the proper sets of infinity stops (and good calibration), neither
> lens really needs the rangefinder for focusing _landscapes_ since they
> _will_ be shot at infinity. Of course, other shots will require focusing.
> 3) For hand-held operations, focusing by groundglass is a PITA, but so is
> composition. I always used my Crown Graphic tripod-mounted, but it is
> possible to do handheld as well. For _landscapes_, I think the bigger issue
> is composition, but if you are only using B&W, where you can crop during
> printing (rather than slides, where that is less desirable), you could just
> get the proper masks for the external viewfinder that is attached on top of
> the (older?) Crown Graphics. They are not as accurate as in an SLR, but you
> can just make sure that you are capturing the scene in general (also see
> film flatness issues below).
> 4) If you do buy a Crown Graphic, make sure you get one with a Graflock, so
> you can use rollfilm holders. Since you are interested in 6x9, you want the
> rollfilm holder that generates 8 shots out of a 120 roll (I think it's
> called RH-8???). There are (at least) two versions, the newer ones have
> additional rollers to achieve better (but not perfect) film flatness, but as
> a result, the image is really more like 6x8 (one of mine was as small as
> 56x72mm). The older ones do not have the rollers, are closer to 6x9, but
> also have more film flatness issues. My approach was always to compose
> generously, and then really only use the center 6x7 (or so) for printing.
> 5) There are wider lenses than the 80mm WA Ektar for 6x9, but they will all
> require you to "drop the bed" to avoid it showing up in your picture. As a
> result, IMHO, _handheld_ composition is practically impossible. I had a 65mm
> Angulon and a 47mm (Super?-) Angulon for a while, but even tripod-mounted it
> was a PITA, and they never saw enough use (for me) to warrant keeping them.
> Incidentally, since I wanted to have a _handheld_ camera whenever I can't
> use my Arca, I got a 6x9 folder about a year ago. Since I didn't want any
> front-cell focusing camera (due to the well-known image quality issues, all
> the Zeiss Ikons (unfortunately) were off the list. I ended up getting a
> Voigtlander Bessa II, which had most of the things I wanted:
> - good optics. I only got the Color-Skopar (=Tessar) version, but there is a
> Color-Heliar and even a Apo-Lanthar version. although at _much_ higher
> prices.
> - coupled rangefinder
> - not front-cell focusing -- the whole lens moves when focusing
> I does have considerable film-flatness issues, but, again, the center potion
> (about 6x7) is perfect, and the viewfinder isn't terrible accurate for
> composition anyway.
> Feel free to contact me offline, if you have more questions.
> Cheers,
> Mike
> Jan Decher <Jan.Decher@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Eric:
> Very interested in a portable 6x9 folder, especially in one that can handle
> a mild wideangle (60mm) so I can do panoramic landscapes on my expeditions.
> Do you have web links for the Miniature Speed or Busch Pressman?  Do they
> have coupled rangefinders or will I have to resort to groundglas focusing by
> taking the 6x9 cassette on and off?
> I guess this is how people gradually slide into LF photography...
> I picked up the Omega B7 today.  It has two focusing tracks for a 50mm
> Componon and a 3 1/2inch (90mm) Ektar, But only came with a 50mm EL
> Omegar...
> Thanks,
> Jan
> On 30 Aug 2007, at 02:28, FreeLists Mailing List Manager wrote:
> My fav 69 shooters are a miniature Speed and
> a Busch Pressman, from which I can hang any number of fine lenses. I
> also think they have the edge over folders relative to film
> flatness...
> Eric Goldstein
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