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  • From: Mike Bischof <nbg90455@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2007 21:36:58 -0700 (PDT)

  After all the technical discussions ;-), let me give you some perspectives 
from a user's point, as I have gone that route in the last couple of years -- 
and yes, it does lead to LF photography with no shortage of opportunities to 
blows lots of cash. As a result, my current favorite weapon is an Arca Swiss 
4x5 Field camera with a Rodenstock Apo-Sironar S 210, but that's a different 
discussion :-D
  Back to the topic at hand. After considerable time with the 6x6 negatives and 
slides from my Rolleiflex, I wanted to get something with a bigger (and 
rectangular) negative, so my first choice was a Crown Graphic 23. Here are a 
couple of notes on that camera (which I still own and love, but which doesn't 
get a whole lot of use anymore, thanks to the Arca):
  1) Relatively cheap and lightweight camera with good (and cheap) access to 
multiple lenses. I still have the 101mm Ektar and the 80mm WA Ektar, both are 
great lenses.
  2) With the proper sets of infinity stops (and good calibration), neither 
lens really needs the rangefinder for focusing _landscapes_ since they _will_ 
be shot at infinity. Of course, other shots will require focusing.
  3) For hand-held operations, focusing by groundglass is a PITA, but so is 
composition. I always used my Crown Graphic tripod-mounted, but it is possible 
to do handheld as well. For _landscapes_, I think the bigger issue is 
composition, but if you are only using B&W, where you can crop during printing 
(rather than slides, where that is less desirable), you could just get the 
proper masks for the external viewfinder that is attached on top of the 
(older?) Crown Graphics. They are not as accurate as in an SLR, but you can 
just make sure that you are capturing the scene in general (also see film 
flatness issues below).
  4) If you do buy a Crown Graphic, make sure you get one with a Graflock, so 
you can use rollfilm holders. Since you are interested in 6x9, you want the 
rollfilm holder that generates 8 shots out of a 120 roll (I think it's called 
RH-8???). There are (at least) two versions, the newer ones have additional 
rollers to achieve better (but not perfect) film flatness, but as a result, the 
image is really more like 6x8 (one of mine was as small as 56x72mm). The older 
ones do not have the rollers, are closer to 6x9, but also have more film 
flatness issues. My approach was always to compose generously, and then really 
only use the center 6x7 (or so) for printing.
  5) There are wider lenses than the 80mm WA Ektar for 6x9, but they will all 
require you to "drop the bed" to avoid it showing up in your picture. As a 
result, IMHO, _handheld_ composition is practically impossible. I had a 65mm 
Angulon and a 47mm (Super?-) Angulon for a while, but even tripod-mounted it 
was a PITA, and they never saw enough use (for me) to warrant keeping them.
  Incidentally, since I wanted to have a _handheld_ camera whenever I can't use 
my Arca, I got a 6x9 folder about a year ago. Since I didn't want any 
front-cell focusing camera (due to the well-known image quality issues, all the 
Zeiss Ikons (unfortunately) were off the list. I ended up getting a Voigtlander 
Bessa II, which had most of the things I wanted:
  - good optics. I only got the Color-Skopar (=Tessar) version, but there is a 
Color-Heliar and even a Apo-Lanthar version. although at _much_ higher prices.
  - coupled rangefinder
  - not front-cell focusing -- the whole lens moves when focusing
  I does have considerable film-flatness issues, but, again, the center potion 
(about 6x7) is perfect, and the viewfinder isn't terrible accurate for 
composition anyway.
  Feel free to contact me offline, if you have more questions.

Jan Decher <Jan.Decher@xxxxxxx> wrote:

  Very interested in a portable 6x9 folder, especially in one that can handle a 
mild wideangle (60mm) so I can do panoramic landscapes on my expeditions.
  Do you have web links for the Miniature Speed or Busch Pressman?  Do they 
have coupled rangefinders or will I have to resort to groundglas focusing by 
taking the 6x9 cassette on and off?
  I guess this is how people gradually slide into LF photography...

  I picked up the Omega B7 today.  It has two focusing tracks for a 50mm 
Componon and a 3 1/2inch (90mm) Ektar, But only came with a 50mm EL Omegar...

    On 30 Aug 2007, at 02:28, FreeLists Mailing List Manager wrote:
    My fav 69 shooters are a miniature Speed and
  a Busch Pressman, from which I can hang any number of fine lenses. I
  also think they have the edge over folders relative to film
  Eric Goldstein

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