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Thanks tremendously, DJX.
I appreciate every bit of info on making a computer into a good daw.

Indigo L

On 11/23/2011 11:38 AM, D!J!X! wrote:
The only one you can do is change win defender, the options I forget where,
but just disable the windows defender service.
The autodefrags and such can only be disabled by shutting off the task
scheduler service, but that's not recommended, it'll hurt other things.
I don't think system restore has much of a configuration to it, other than
turning it on and off lol. They should include a manual option or

Regards, D!J!X!

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Can Win Defender and auto defrag be shut off, if so, where, and can System
Restore be left on, with a restore point set to be done at shutdown of the
Indigo L
On 11/22/2011 11:57 PM, D!J!X! wrote:
Win7 does a basic defrag (not the same as a manual run), when the
system's been idol for over 15-20 minutes. If enabled, a windows
defender scan runs prior to that.
This defrag is good enough to keep a basic system going good, but for
daws you should still run the full manual defrag on all drives at
least every 2 weeks.



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Hi Folks,

Was wondering what peeps are using to clean up and problem check under
win 7.

I'm using MSE. I used to use jkdfrag and c clean on xp.

So are peeps using any tools like that under win 7? I believe win 7
does it's own defrag, so one like jkdfrag isn't so needed.

Any Suggestions, be appreciated.


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