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Really , you think that often?

Didn't think ntfs drives got defragged that badly often.

I guess how much writing to the drives you do makes a difference too.
I do mine about once a month, or check it and see if it tells me to do so or not.

At 10:57 PM 11/22/2011, you wrote:
Win7 does a basic defrag (not the same as a manual run), when the system's been idol for over 15-20 minutes. If enabled, a windows defender scan runs prior to that. This defrag is good enough to keep a basic system going good, but for daws you should still run the full manual defrag on all drives at least every 2 weeks.


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Hi Folks,

Was wondering what peeps are using to clean up and problem check under win 7.

I'm using MSE. I used to use jkdfrag and c clean on xp.

So are peeps using any tools like that under win 7? I believe win 7 does it's own defrag, so one like jkdfrag isn't so needed.

Any Suggestions, be appreciated.


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