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  • From: "Dennis Budding" <dennis-budding@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2007 23:32:04 +0100

Today I made the first real trip with my new 18 inch python.
I made a testride again during my lunch break and it felt so good that I decided to take her home after work.
"or is it a him"
the distance from my work to my home is about 5 km. I didn't make it completely. after 4 km the chain continued to fall off because I had enough tension on the chain in combination with a bumpy brickroad so I had to walk the last 1km. when I came home fixed the chain immediately and mounted chain-tensioners(thats how we say it in dutch, dont know if its the right word)

I find it really wonderfull to feel the selfcentering effect.
when in a curve you can feel that the bike fights back to get to the straight position
I'm glad that the bike is rideable but I still need some adjustments
the distance from seat to bottombracket is 720 mm way to short for my length. that in combination with 150 mm crancks and a very small chainring give you painfull knees within 1000 metres and 180 rpm doing only 10 km/h the difference between bottombracketheight and seatheight is 300 mm. it feels good but when I increase the 720 to lets say 800 mm I can hardly look over the bottombracket because it gets to high. I'm thinking about the construction off the Yellow Yukka II where the chainline is under the frontfork. maybe its because im not yet one with the bike but the turningcircle is more than 6 metres, on my flevo its about half the size.

All the parts are old bikeparts except for:
the plates that hold the seat, 4 mm steel with just the right square holes on the right places for the locknuts. the plates that connect front to rear, 6 mm steel with by coincidence the right holes. I cutted them from a piece of scrapp two pieces of round 1 inch steel. a colleague was willing to cut them on a machine so they fitted in the inside of the conical shaped headtube and into the connectionplates.

So no bending, no holes drilled. just find out how a cutter and a welder works and put the parts together. When I was about 80% ready I found out that the welder settings were wrong the wells were on top of the tubes instead of partly burned/melted in the material. so I had to do it again.

the next bike I'm thinking about is one built from oversized mountainbike tubes, I already have some tubes 1 inche wide, 4 inches high.
maybe in two years........


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