[python] Re: pictures of the new python

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  • Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2007 12:20:20 +0100

Thanks Dennis,

So no bending, no holes drilled. just find out how a cutter and a welder works and put the parts together.

Good idea, to use the whole rear for the front part. The BB seems
quite high to me, but you want to change that anyways.

the plates that connect front to rear, 6 mm steel with by coincidence
the right holes. I cutted them from a piece of scrapp two pieces of round 1 inch steel. a colleague was willing to cut them on a machine so they fitted in the inside of the conical shaped headtube and into the connectionplates.

How exactly did you fasten the front part to the steering head?

You already made your first 4 km trip, which shows clearly to me
that flevo riding experience helps a lot in learning the python.

maybe its because im not yet one with the bike but the turningcircle
is more than 6 metres, on my flevo its about half the size.

It won't be possible to reach the turning ability of a fleovbike. The
higher flevo seat makes balancing easier and the wheelbase of the
python is much longer.


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