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The BB seems quite high to me, but you want to change that anyways.

Except for blocking your view on the road
and getting used to the height, is there another reason to decrease BB height?
For what I can feel now it has no negative effect on the stability

How exactly did you fasten the front part to the steering head?

I tried to make a solidworks drawing but I dont know how to make it smaller. The file size was over 4MB. So I attach a small drawing in a Word document.
For the steering mechanism I used the idea of "Dirk's python for Marc"
The steeringtube is a frontfork with the legs cut off.
I asked a friend to cut me a piece of metal on the drehbank, (don't know the english)) to fit in the steeringtube and welded them together.
Both ends have holes with M10 thread cutted in.
As I used the whole rearpart of a bike as the frontpart I had a 1Inch tube in which originaly the seattube was mounted. The same friend cutted a 1 inch round massive piece of steel with on both ends a small piece with diametre 11 mm
This 11 mm is the same size as the holes in the connectingplates.
These 11 mm ends were because my weldingskills and knowhow of constuction were very little.
They made it easier to weld the pivot and plates together .
The small 11 mm ends on the second pivot are only 2 mm high.
The steelplates are 6 mm thick. so I was able to weld from the outside, filling the last 4 mm with welding.

Can someone please tell me how to make smaller solidworks drawings so I can send them to the list

You already made your first 4 km trip, which shows clearly to me
that flevo riding experience helps a lot in learning the python.

yes but after only 10 km I had to get used to the flevo again, the first corner was pretty difficult again

The higher flevo seat makes balancing easier and the wheelbase of the
python is much longer.

my wheelbase is only 930.
you're right about the flevo, you sit on top of the bike, trying to "stay on top" On my python it feels like I'm hanging between the wheels, you call it the hanging pendulum.

A tip for pythonauts in the learning proces.
If you have difficulty finding your balance, try to put the seat in a larger angle. When lying on a very small angle, the slightest unbalance feels enormously large because you're whole body follows it. siting straight up makes it easiere to keep balance, like sitting on a chair. once you've discovered how the steering works you van decrease the seat angle.

It worked for me learning the flevo bike.
4 hours on a smaller seat angle and a lot of frustrations because leggs were stronger than the arms.
when I changed the seatangle I was able to ride within 20 minutes.
without hands took me another 2 weeks.

I'll keep you informed about the new BB position


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how did you try to save the drawing. If you create a SolidWorks drawing of the model, you can save that as either a .dxf or .tif file and at least the second could be worked on with something like irfanview to change the size if it was so big.

What exactly is the file type that's 4MB. What version of SW are you using, what language, etc. Maybe I can help you, but if what I said above doesn't help, I'll need some more information from you.



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