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  • From: "Dennis Budding" <dennis-budding@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2007 23:32:03 +0100

today ,after way to many months of thinking, and about 10 hours of frying metal 
(I wouldn't call it welding), I finished my first python.
I wasn't able to make some pictures but I'll post a few of them soon soon.

for now 

Wheel size 18 inch
Wheelbase 930 mm
No suspension
Pivot angle  68 degrees
Trail - 275
Seatheight 250
Groundclearance 60 mm
steering mechanism 1 inch headset
Bb-eos 720, al little to short for my length
Bb-seatdiff 300
no steering handles
number of gears 1,  for now
the bike was built of one childs bike and two extra frontforks

because it was around workshop-closingtime  they only let me try for 5 minutes.
I was able to do a few 5-10 metre rides (lots of flevobike experience) I didn't 
have gloves otherwise I would have tried to ride it home.........
the self centeringeffect is a remarkable experience. the bike really wants to 
go straight, but when you're not sitting on it, it goes anything but straight.
When I started to learn a flevobike it was very difficult to ride in a straight 
line. I made turns even when I didn't want to
The python wants to go in a straight line even if I want to make a turn.

Lots of training to do. 
Today most of the distance was done with two hands touching the ground.

Pictures soon to come



By the way, is there anyone who has a litlle bike for my three year old son.

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