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  • From: "Peter Badcock" <forums@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 03 Feb 2005 15:47:03 +1100

Hi Dick,

thank you for your valuable response.  You have identified
my problem in a nutshell.  I certainly agree with you that I
underexposed and overdeveloped.

> The development advice from Way Beyond 
> Monochrome, using the standard development, would 
> probably correctly expand the average flat scene 
> normally expected on a gloomy day.  But you're already 
> metering the dogs at III and VII, where you want to 
> place them, so you sure don't need any expansion.

This is where my logic came undone!  Instead of relating dev
time to the weather conditions, I wouldn't have made this
error if perhaps WBM had related it to the SBR instead... 
Oh well, nothing like learning from one's own experience :)
> So it looks to me like you're both underexposed and 
> overdeveloped.  The black dog is too far down, the 
> golden dog is too far up, neither dog is close to your 
> intended placement.  It's asking a lot of a filter.
> Regards...  Dick Gifford

In fact, these two unfortunate errors I made in this
exercise happened because:
i) I somehow thought that a cloudy day would imply my scene
would have a low brightness range.   Wrong!  The range of
the intensity of REFLECTED light from the scene determines
the scene brightness range (SBR) and NOT the absolute level
of INCIDENT light (e.g. on my cloudy day). This is a subtle
yet important difference, since we often equate bright sunny
days with a high SBR and cloudy days with low SBR.

ii) I didn't think twice about making the silly mistake of
raising the ASA of the film in the wrong direction (from 400
to 800).  To make my testing easier, I should have instead
lowered the ASA to overexpose the film. I know WBM suggests
this, but somehow my logic went out the window.

OK so moving on now, I have the other test roll left to
process.  The "Quick and Easy" method to customise my film
speed and development in "Way Beyond Monochrome" suggests to
under develop by 30% for a high contrast sunny day.  And
lower the ASA by 1 1/3 stops (e.g. 400ASA down to 160ASA). 
I've already exposed at 800ASA; is the best advice still to
develop 30% less than the nominal(400ASA) time, or will this
result in negatives that are too thin?

Peter Badcock
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