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  • From: "Peter Badcock" <forums@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 04 Feb 2005 07:39:56 +1100

> The overall SBR of a landscape scene changes with lighting
> conditions. Therefore, =8cweather=b9 conditions and SBR
> linked. On a bright sunny day, you end up with areas
> directly hit by sunlight, where other areas are in deep
> shadow. The SBR is huge in that case. On a gloomy day,
> everything I the scene is illuminated by the gigantic soft
> box, otherwise known as =8csky=b9. The bright areas get
> light and the shadows get more. The SBR is relatively
> small in that case.
> However, you are right with your example of the two dogs.
> If the black dog is placed on Zone III and the lighter dog
> falls on Zone VII, this will not change from sunny to
> gloomy day, unless... the brighter dog is in sunlight on
> the sunny day. The classic example is always bride and
> groom. Get them out of the sunlight into a shaded area.

Hi Ralph,
I agree with this explanation, and it certainly applies to
any outdoor scene where sufficient shadow and/or sky areas
are present.  My dog shot had neither!

Peter Badcock
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