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  • From: Jean-David Beyer <jeandavid8@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 28 Nov 2009 20:48:56 -0500

Steven Kershaw wrote:
Jean, Having had a lab for a couple decades we were "required" to
remove all silver from our chemistry before it went down the drain.
Within a year of opening every dentist in town was brining me there

If you've a photo lab nearby I suspect they will have a silver
recovery system.  Now here is why they want it... I just turned in my
very last recovery cartridge.  It contained some 25 troy ounces of
silver and netted me a check for $418.33. Silver as of that date was
getting a shade over $18.00 a troy ounce.  I suspect they would
gladly take it off your hands...

Around here, the last photo lab went out of business a few months ago. The best one quit first, then the second best. Third-best was a 1-hour lab, now gone too.

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