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  • Date: Sat, 29 Sep 2007 23:45:18 +0300

Hi Marlon,

VMWare Workstation has more options and some helpful wizards that makes the configuration easier. It also has a wizard for choosing the folders that we want to be shared, and I read that those folders should appear in My Network places and they could also be mapped as drives.

I finally succeeded to use the USB flash memory and I installed Jaws on the virtual Windows. For the moment I still have some issues regarding networking, because I cannot access the internet from the virtual OS, and I cannot share folders.

But this be because I've created the virtual machine with VMware server and then I use it with VMWare Workstation, or maybe because I didn't created it correctly.

VMWare Workstation package also includes VMWare server, but I am sure that if I would try to run it with VMWare server, I will still have those problems.

Now when I turn it on it appears an error message with the subject "No disk", and I can continue only if I choose the cancel button.
After that point, I can work fine under the virtual Windows.

When I created the virtual image using VMWare Server, it didn't set the option of accepting the USB. I've created another one using VMWare Workstation, and in that configuration file I've seen a line something with "USB" in it. So I've copied it in the configuration file of the image created with VMWare Server, and now that image can detect USB.

I think that all the configuration files for all VMWare products are the same and if you know how to configure them manually, you don't need VMWare Workstation. However, I am a true newbie in this field yet, so...

By the way, do you know what type of network connection should I set in the virtual machine?
bridged? NAT? Something else?

Thank you.


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Hello Teddy,
Would you explain me why vmware workstation is better?
I don't know how to run vmware workstation, but you have to configure
the vmware virtual machine network in the vmware workstation and set
an ip to your virtual machine, then you can use a mapped directory. I
did not scripted vmware workstation, I did it with vmware server only.

2007/9/29, Octavian Rasnita <orasnita@xxxxxxxxx>:
No it is not free. Only VMWare server and VMWare player are free.

However, VMWare Workstation is better.

I discovered how to ungrab the focus using Control+alt, but I still can't
share files...


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> Is it free?
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> Subject: VMWare
>> Hi,
>> I've installed VMWare Workstation and I installed another Windows XP >> on
>> it.
>> The virtual OS is very accessible, but I got a few problems:
>> 1. I don't know how to get out if I want to use the host OS.
>> I know that I can use control+alt or something else (because I defined
>> that hotkey to control+Shift+alt) but it doesn't do anything. The >> focus
>> is sttill in the guest OS.
>> 2. I am using the guest OS only with Narrator because I couldn't find >> a
>> way of sharing files or folders with the host OS.
>> I have chosen to share the files, and I selected the folder I want to
>> share, but I don't know where on the guest OS should appear that >> folder. >> I've tried to find it under My Network Places, the shared documents, >> my
>> documents, or as another removable storage, but I couldn't find it.
>> 3. I don't know why, but in the guest OS I cannot see the memory stick >> if
>> I insert it.
>> Do you know if I need to do something special in order to detect when >> it
>> is inserted?
>> Thank you.
>> Octavian
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