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Yes. I will look again and see what I have saved from you. Back in the days of 
flow charting I could remember what files on tape were output from each step of 
a job. All these other folks were thumbing through all their printed material 
to find the flow chart. Unfortunitely, as the years have passed I can't in good 
conscience say I can do things as fast. Oh well, I guess I am having a pity 
party (grin).


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Hi Suzy:

Do you have my tutorials.... There are many tips and tricks with in. Aside from 
reincarnation, we will never be as fast as a sighted person but how are they 
when the lights go out....

Have you actually tried CTRL + .?


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Hi Listers,

You just can't believe how fast these sighted folks can work with Eclipse. I am 
not hitting the control plus period to take me to the next error. When I hit 
control plus "s" to save my program it automatically compiles it. Please tell 
me any other useful hints. What is the fastest way to work with Eclipse?


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