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Jim H:

Another feature that would be very nice especially when you have just created a 
new project. Eclipse will by default show the "Welcome" window which is totally 
useless to we blind folks. If you could have a script that keeps this window 
closed, life for me at least would be complete.

Jim C.

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Hi Suzie,

In my Eclipse, when I bring up the dialog with Alt + Shift + Q, a list of 
things comes up. One of the things on the list is the error view.

As to your second question, All you have to do is hit Control + Shift + M and 
it will maximize the edit window for you. You should be good to go.

To everyone else on the list, do you think it would be a good idea if I made 
the JAWS Eclipse scripts maximize the edit window automatically when it lands 
on that window so you don't have to keep remembering to maximize it? Or maybe 
there's an Eclipse setting that automatically maximizes this window.



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Hi Listers,

I have two problems. I have been away from Eclipse for a while. I am having 
trouble getting into the error log. I thought it was alt shift q. I finally did 
get into it once and then couldn't get back what what I was editing.

My second problem is the whole line is not being read. I can see enough to know 
I have several windows open in Eclipse. How can I read only what I am 
interested in?

Thanks for your help.

Susie Stanzel


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