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it tries to line up your HTML in the most visually appealing way possible, i.e. 
your <body> and your </body> tags are aligned, sort of like in Java where your 
close curly brace lines up with the start of your if.

I'm not sure if you look under window -> preferences weather there are any 
additional options available on the HTML formatter, I have always just used the 

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  It works, Thank you very much.

  The only thing, it does more formatting than indentation, for example, moving 
tags and text around.

  Do I have any control on that?


  Thanks again,




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  control + shift + f if you are on windows or Linux or command + shift + f if 
you are on a Mac.


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    Good morning!


    On Friday I asked the question how to indent html text in Eclipse.

    I got an answer, that I really appreciate.

    At that time I didn't have a chance to test if it works, that's why did not 
replied back.

    This morning I was going to try it, but something happens to my inbox, and 
I lost whole bunch of my saved messages.

    Would you please re-send it to me.


    Thank you very much,


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