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  • Date: Thu, 7 Nov 2019 15:43:14 -0500

On 11/7/19 3:13 PM, Orlando L wrote:

Hi all

Trying to decide between oracle and sql server for a query/warehousing type database. Can anyone share their input or point to a paper for the current versions. Thanks


Hi Orlando!

SQL Server enterprise edition comes with what Oracle calls "In-Memory option" and partitioning, no further licensing required. SQL Server doesn't have multi-versioning  which makes things simpler for mostly query database. On the flip side, readers block writers and vice versa, which means that loading usually means downtime. SS has something called "always on availability groups", which allows you to maintain shared nothing "cluster" with several identical database copies, which can be queried in parallel. SQL Server supports bitmap indexes and star (snowflake) schema queries.  SQL Server EE is significantly cheaper than Oracle. I would advise going with SQL Server.


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