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And PL/SQL is my greatest gripe against SQL Server. DB2 can execute PL/SQL natively. Even humble PostgreSQL which is begrudgingly imitating Oracle in many features has an interpreter which is almost identical to PL/SQL. Yet SS, for some reason, stubbornly refuses to implement PL/SQL as an alternative, despite PL/SQL being far superior to  T-SQL. I can only pray that Satya Nadella learns the way of the Force and decides to implement PL/SQL.

On 11/7/19 4:41 PM, Noveljic Nenad wrote:

- PL/SQL is much more sophisticated than TSQL, which might be relevant if you 
plan to store your application logic in the database. Actually, TSQL doesn't 
scale well when the same code is concurrently executed by multiple sessions.

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