Re: How much RAM is to much

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Hi Freek,

What you said is true for filesystems that do NOT allow "direct I/O" mount 
options in their respective mount commands. But for those filesystems that do 
(i.e. vxfs, jfs etc) support the relevant direct I/O mount options, the direct 
I/O mount option has always (in my experience) been required in addition to 
setting filesystemio_options to SETALL. Setting just the filesystemio_options 
the init.ora (in those cases) did not create the desired result. 

If you have observed the "lack of the mount option" in recent times on those 
filesystems where direct I/O mount options ARE supported (i.e. vxfs, jfs etc), 
please advise. There is always something to learn new each day :)


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Hmm, I don't think you need to mount with directio when setting the 
filesytemio_options parameter to "directIO" or to "setall".
When using rac with nfs, the oracle required mount options do not include a 
setting to force directIO (but on solaris they do).
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Mount Options for Oracle files when used with NAS devices [ID 359515.1]


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Doesn't direct IO have to configured in the mount options for the filesystems?  
(Not just specified in the Oracle parameters)
Otherwise, you're in fact not using it, right?

Or do filesystems now-a-days get mounted with direct as an option automatically 
in Linux?

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