[opendtv] Re: Steel pipes for gas!

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  • Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2006 17:30:57 -0500

Bob Miller wrote:

Also what is the issue with using a plastic pipe as to transmission? Would the signal leak from such a pipe buried underground or would it stay in the pipe? John suggest that it would have to have metal in the plastic.

If you have to have metalized plastic I guess that would eliminate the
main attraction of gas line broadband where ever plastic is deployed
since you would have to dig it up and replace it with a metalized

Bob Miller

Verizon just buried fiber down my street.

FIOS will be available in several months.

Fiber doesn't corrode,
doesn't conduct electricity due to lightning,
doesn't oxidize or otherwise deteriorate
due to the elements although
there is an old Phone Co. term, 'the backhoe fade'
but that applies to anything buried.

Given all this, who would bury a metallic cable these days
for new communications distribution and why? It will only
deteriorate and need replacing long before the fiber will.

Have I missed out on a pivotal point in the discussion?

Oh, by the way, all the gas pipes I've ever seen installed
under the streets here in PA and DE are a sort of  pinkinsh
colored plastic, although the distribution feeder into the
meter in the basement is still black iron.

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