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For some reason I just now got most of the emails for this thread and I now understand what it is about.

Does anyone remember the 1950s communications marvel, the G-Line? It was going to revolutionize all cable and wire communications systems with it's single strand of wire, extremely low loss per mile and it's launcher and catcher funnels at each end.
This thread sounds like a deja-vu of the G-Line all over again, Yogi...

John Willkie wrote:

San Diego Gas & Electric has been testing bpl here for more than a year, in a 
limited area.  My AM still works.  So far.

John Willkie

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The only source I can find for broadband over gas lines is Nethercomm.


From their website, their UWB technology is said to work in either metallic
or non-metallic gas lines, and the main advantage is the very low noise floor environment within the pipe. However, after looking at all of the stuff posted, it all looks more like an investment scheme than an actual product ready for deployment.

Just my opinion, but then I thought the same thing about broadband over power lines, and I was proven wrong there now that it has been rolled out nationwide. (Tongue firmly planted in cheek.)


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Also what is the issue with using a plastic pipe as to transmission?
Would the signal leak from such a pipe buried underground or would it
stay in the pipe? John suggest that it would have to have metal in the

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