[opendtv] Re: Steel pipes for gas!

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Click on "technology" from the main page.

"Nethercomm technology enabled networks (whether metallic and/or non-metallic gas lines) characteristically exhibit very low noise floors, and are generally devoid of outside signal interference. This low noise within the gas line network is a significant advantage to our ability to maximize our communication bandwidth. Moreover, UWB transmitted through a gas line network has distinct advantages in transversing the physical complexities of the gas line. Within Nethercomm's network environment, there are no issues with inter-symbol interference or multi-user interference."

Click on "More BiG Technology" from the Technology page:

"One feature of Nethercomm's technology is that an ultra-wideband signal can be transmitted simultaneously with a traditional natural gas utility delivery, where the UWB signal can robustly carry video, voice, and other transmission signals. The ultra-wideband signal can be provided over existing steal (sic) or plastic piping. This overall capability of the system to deliver value (i.e./ gas delivery and connectivity) without requiring costly Last-Mile deployments and without interfering with licensed and unlicensed spectrum enables a previously unobtainable level of connectivity."


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Where on their site do you find that it will work in non metallic pipes?

Bob Miller

On 10/31/06, John Shutt <shuttj@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
The only source I can find for broadband over gas lines is Nethercomm.


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