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LG Electronics and Funai Electric 

Sign Tru2way(tm) MOU


Louisville, Colorado, July 28, 2008 - CableLabs(r) announced today that
LG Electronics and Funai Electric have signed the multi-industry
tru2way(tm) Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).  

The MOU signators now include major consumer electronics manufactures -
Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, LG Electronics, Funai (which trades products
in the United States under the brand names Philips, Magnavox,  Sylvania,
and Emerson); Digeo, and ADB; chip maker Intel; and, the nation's top
six cable providers - Comcast, Time Warner, Cox, Cablevision, Charter
and Bright House Networks.

Tru2way technology allows consumers to receive interactive cable
services, including video-on-demand, voting and polling, games, and
e-commerce in integrated retail DTVs without the need for a separate
set-top box.  

The MOU represents joint cable operator and retail manufacture support
and endorsement of the tru2way technology platform developed by
CableLabs for delivering two-way interactive digital cable video
services. The tru2way platform uses an upgradable middleware solution
that allows for, and encourages, innovation from both cable and retail
device manufacturers. Thus, retail consumers that purchase digital cable
ready devices will be able to receive innovative interactive cable
services now and in the future.  

The core of the tru2way technology uses the same Java-based technology
that is used in high-definition Blu Ray Disc players, cell phones,
interactive broadcasts. Advantages of Java technology are that it is a
well-known platform already familiar to a large developer community.
Working with this programmer community, networks, content owners, cable
operators, and manufacturers can develop creative interactive services
that enhance the experience of cable consumers.

"We really are pleased with the public support of the tru2way platform
by so many major companies in the consumer electronics, information
technology, content, cable industries; it is really all coming
together," said Dr. Richard R. Green, President and CEO of CableLabs.  

Founded in 1988 by members of the cable television industry, Cable
Television Laboratories is a non-profit research and development
consortium that is dedicated to pursuing new cable telecommunications
technologies and to helping its cable operator members integrate those
advancements into their business objectives. Cable operators from around
the world are members. CableLabs(r) maintains web sites at
www.cablelabs.com <http://www.cablelabs.com> ; www.packetcable.com
<http://www.packetcable.com> ; www.cablemodem.com
<http://www.cablemodem.com> ; www.cablenet.org <http://www.cablenet.org>
; and www.opencable.com <http://www.opencable.com> .





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