[opendtv] Re: NEWS: LG & Funai sign tru2way

  • From: "Manfredi, Albert E" <albert.e.manfredi@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <opendtv@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2008 14:59:16 -0400

Kilroy Hughes wrote:

> It scales much better to host a web page in Milan that will
> play video with interactivity and advertising, which becomes
> immediately accessible to a billion users anywhere in the
> world who have IP video capability.

David Broberg wrote:

> There is no barrier within the tru2way system to such a
> service, in fact for the first time it enables a single
> nationwide platform to enable such applications directly to
> the TV screen.

Kilroy Hughes wrote:

> The alternative I mentioned, adding a DOCSIS chip instead of
> a CableCard and OCAP operating system, then using Internet
> protocols to communicate EPG, VOD, provisioning, and
> conditional access information would have been orders of
> magnitude more extensible (and cheaper).  Given the evolution
> of the cable business to "triple play", it would have been
> much smarter to automatically deploy Internet and VOIP
> service capability with every STB and TV sold, and flip a
> bit at the headend to sell and enable the "extra" service
> (IMHO).  Every headend already has DOCSIS support, and the
> packet traffic for video operation is trivial compared to
> what is in place to support streaming video, web downloads,
> etc.

My reaction too, maybe not to that extent. Perhaps it makes sense for
bare bones cable receivers not to have to use IP and DOCSIS, but I don't
see the payoff adding a web browser and a keyboard to OCAP devices, to
make them do what can just as easily already be done with a PC, using
the cable system's broadband IP service. What's the point? Makes more
sense to build PCs designed for entertainment center use, with optical
interface keyboards and such. Or, ultimately, build these into the sets.

However, Andrea was talking more about DTT interactivity, I think, since
he mentioned the govt-assisted DTT STBs in Italy. These govt assisted
boxes must support MHP. DTT itself is one-way, so only the most basic
interactivity can be offered with MHP and DTT alone. Such as what RAI
Utile is doing so far, just downloading some pre-packaged content that
user can "browse," much like a PVR does.

Those STBs can be connected to the Internet. If you go to that extent,
though, there's only so much "interactivity" that makes any sense,
associated with the DTT program.

That's probably why the MHP STBs sales are in the basement, in Italy.


Slide 9. The MHP STBs sold fairly well about a year ago, then the bottom
fell out. Many more people are now buying integrated sets.

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