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Craig Birkmaier wrote:

> So by this, can I take it that you do not support Network Neutrality, at
> least as it relates to providing a different QOS level...

I find myself repeating things a lot, Craig. Net neutrality is still assured, 
if all bandwidth hogs are playing on a level field. The important thing is for 
the ISPs to not be allowed to block certain sites, or to give unfavorable 
treatment to certain sites, in favor of other sites.

Have I written this before? More than once. Do I support net neutrality? 

There is a really simple way for Netflix to respond to this. They can offer 
their subscribers a choice of monthly rates, based on the image quality the 
subscriber wants. That way, Netflix can afford to pay the ISP whatever they are 
charging. Because as of now, the subscriber gets whatever best image quality 
his ISP connection allows, with no mechanism to regulate the use of the 

> P.S. On the streaming media panel there was a discussion about data caps
> imposed by the ISP. Are you comfortable with the idea that you will pay
> more if you exceed your wired broadband data cap?

Were you comfortable with the idea that you had to pay for individual phone 
calls? Of course. Was that scheme annoying? Sure, but it wasn't unfair. Did 
competition among the telcos cause those cumbersome schemes to be scrapped, in 
favor of flat rates? Of course. Will the same happen with wired and wirelesss 
Internet? Most likely.

The problems happen when a very small fraction of connected systems take up the 
lion's share of resources. Those imbalances have to be addressed one way or 
another. You have to understand how the current system works, Craig. The 
constant upgrading of ISP networks is paid for by everyone with a broadband 
connection. When a very tiny fraction of connected systems creates most of the 
demand for system upgrades, every subscriber pays. The ISPs are exploring ways 
to make those most responsible pay the freight, in short.


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