[opendtv] Re: Does Netflix/Comcast Deal Remove Obstacle To TWC Merger? - Forbes

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  • Date: Thu, 27 Feb 2014 02:26:16 +0000

Craig Birkmaier wrote:

>> Exactly. So, moving your subscription TV packages from the monopolistic
>> MVPD walled garden to multiple Internet OTT sites, will have the same
>> effect.
> And what evidence do you have to support this contention?

Wait. You mean, I need to explain to you why competition for TV content 
distribution follows the same laws of economics as competition among telcos? 
It's not obvious?

> The congloms tell us that moving to ala carte will cost us MORE.

You're mixing yourself up, Craig. First of all, it's the MVPDs telling you 
this. Secondly, **all else equal**, that's undoubtedly true. Third, you're the 
only one obsessing over a la carte vs bundles. That's hardly all there is to 

> I'm all for something to break up these congloms.

You obsess over bundles and congloms, always going back to those two.

Use of Internet instead of MVPD walled gardens, to distribute TV content, most 
directly addresses the MVPD local monopoly walled gardens, NOT THE CONGLOMS. It 
secondarily addresses competition for the congloms, in the sense that more 
small time producers can get their stuff out there. But the primary effect is 
to break up the walled gardens.

I already said previously, of all the players in this game, the congloms are 
the least affected.

I don't think you ever read what anyone writes, Craig. You just return to your 
obsessions every time.


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