[opendtv] Re: Does Netflix/Comcast Deal Remove Obstacle To TWC Merger? - Forbes

  • From: Craig Birkmaier <craig@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2014 09:02:25 -0500

On Feb 24, 2014, at 6:40 PM, "Manfredi, Albert E" 
<albert.e.manfredi@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I read that in the paper this morning, about the Netflix agreement with 
> Comcast, but that wasn't my take so much. Mostly, I thought that this is a 
> sign of things to come. Just like we have been arg... discussing on here. The 
> ISPs need to negotiate with their bandwidth hogs, and here's an example where 
> they are doing just that.
> The paper also mentioned that it was unclear what this would mean to Netflix 
> subscription prices.

So by this, can I take it that you do not support Network Neutrality, at least 
as it relates to providing a different QOS level...

For a price?


P.S. On the streaming media panel there was a discussion about data caps 
imposed by the ISP. Are you comfortable with the idea that you will pay more if 
you exceed your wired broadband data cap? 
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