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Paul Thomas:

> What I did like was the
> ability of deinstalling a program to remove any bits in  the system folder;
> I don't know of this being done on Macs which means lots of odd extensions,
> etc. hanging around after removing a program - I suspect that this accounts
> for many of the Type 2 errors that one gets!!!
> I find this discussion on Mac v. IBM very interesting particularly now that
> so many people use both, mainly for business reasons!!
> As Alex says cheaper hardware and (I say) cheaper software - one has to
> wonder!  Though I still like my iBook!!

Well when it comes to business, I need my machines up, not cheap.
Effectiveness per dollar must only be applied if the OS and apps don't kak.

Secondly, as a user within a system, an admin's modifications can be done
within the user's own HOME.  Extentions pertain to a user, not the OS.  OS X
changes a lot of things that we understood about Classic.

So, with unix software and the open source community, we really have more
opportunity with the new OS.  Windows vs. Unix.  Who do you think will win?
Where does communications come from?  Where does historically advanced
software come from?  Who has a poor reputation?  Hehe.

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