[muglo] Re: B&W or PC?

  • From: "Eric D." <hideme666@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <muglo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 09 Apr 2003 15:17:57 -0400

on 8/4/03 10:28 PM, Joe McGuire at theguy@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> The one thing I like most about PC is the interoperability of all the
> various bits. As you said, a clone is a clone is a clone and bits from
> one will work in another and so forth.

Although a clone is about as much a clone as a human clone would be similar
to the human original ;P (any biologists will recognise that the analogy
fits beautifully).

A human clone will have its own personality, its own developmental
abnormalities, its own environmental exposures and diseases. Similarly, a
SoundBlaster is quite a different beast from some no-name audio card.
Compatibility with cheap PC stuff is a crapshoot. This mouse will work with
your system, whereas that one, $1 cheaper won't.

> I recently had to reinstall OS X on my pb. I was quite uncertain with
> it, but the helpful folks in #macintosh on DalNet told me to stop being
> such a baby, back up my stuff and have at it. I can't believe how easy
> it was. No driver hunt, it just worked.

And, with OS X Jaguar it's even easier. Select "Archive and Install" and
your "home" directory will be untouched by the install (I'm now in agreement
with Apple on that issue -- there's absolutely *no* reason not to use the
"home" directory). The only drawback to that method is that you need roughly
2 GB of free space to do the "archive".

> There are some things that still annoy me, such as the line-break
> handling difference between Mac and the rest of the world, and the fact
> that there is no programs menu, but overall I am much happier with the
> experience than I was with my time spent on previous mac os's (my wife
> is a long time mac user).

Chuckle. That's probably never going to change (though, if you do any CLUI
stuff I'm sure the line-break behaviour is the same as that of NetBSD).



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