[muglo] Re: B&W or PC?

  • From: "Eric D." <hideme666@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <muglo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2003 15:10:20 -0400

on 9/4/03 4:47 PM, Alex at admeddemda@xxxxxx wrote:

> On Wed, 09 Apr 2003 12:08:25 -0400, "Eric D." <hideme666@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> said:
>> Arguably Mac OS X now has the *fastest* browsers on the planet (Camino
> well, I haven't tried the new X browsers... perhaps that's one of my big
> problems. I actually forgot about them. And I'm still running OS 10.1.5..
> figured if I don't like 10.1.5 what's the point in paying $200 for
> jaguar?

On your clone, I'm not so sure it'd be worth it (simply b/c 1. you're
running on what is unsupported hardware to begin with by OS X, 2. it's not
an Apple, 3. you're running at a 40-50 MHz bus speed with limited video

Although, if your CPU is fast enough you'll be fine. OS X Jaguar is
remarkably different from OS X 10.1.5 that it could very well be worth the
upgrade. Watch for people selling their CDs on EBay.

> Maybe I need to try out a faster mac, and see how I feel about it. Still,
> 800 versus 29... but you have a point on software... and I still love my
> imagewriter II.. oh and the Quiktake 200, but I think the quicktake can
> do windows... with an older flash reader. And the emate... it can do
> windows too... somehow... i think...

Well, it's a tradeoff. Do you want to do things the Microsoft way, or the
Mac way. I've been waffeling about going Windows for about 5 years now, but
every time I face the upgrade question, Macs continue to give me what I want
whereas Windows just can't perform.

>> PS A simple conversion for MHz equivalence is 1 MHz G3 = 1.5 MHz PIII. (a
> so my 550 PC is roughly a 375mhz G3... hmmmm... I don't find a 600ibook
> any faster than the 550 PC.

Yep. You've also got to remember to compare Apples to apples, rather than
Apples to guavas ;). Win 95/98 are comparable to OS 8/9, with the exception
of web browsing which absolutely sucks in OS 9.

Also, if you're going to run OS X on a 600 MHz iBook you've got to have at
least 256 MB of RAM and not run Internet Slug or Netscrape from Hell as your
web browsers.

Netscape is dead! Long live Camino. I suspect before long we'll see the
death of the multi-headed offspring of the bloated Netscape Communicator
era. The plan for Mozilla is to start working on the Windows stripped-down
version of Mozilla and to spin off the e-mailer and composer functions into
separate programmes.

Finally, after how many years are they getting the message that convergence
is not always a good thing! (which is why I will never use AppleWorks or
Microsoft Works)

> decisions...



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