[muglo] Re: B&W or PC?

  • From: "Alex" <admeddemda@xxxxxx>
  • To: muglo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 09 Apr 2003 16:47:52 -0400

On Wed, 09 Apr 2003 12:08:25 -0400, "Eric D." <hideme666@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> Arguably Mac OS X now has the *fastest* browsers on the planet (Camino
> and
> Safari). I find that my G3/400 running OS X 10.2.4 does as good a job as
> a
> 1+ GHz Pentium IV running Win 2000 (aka NT) and IE 6. It's not *quite* as
> fast, but it's still blazingly fast -- I can tell when I run into a
> *really*
> heavy duty web site b/c the 1 GHz+ PIV is marginally faster on those
> sites.

well, I haven't tried the new X browsers... perhaps that's one of my big
problems. I actually forgot about them. And I'm still running OS 10.1.5..
figured if I don't like 10.1.5 what's the point in paying $200 for
Maybe I need to try out a faster mac, and see how I feel about it. Still,
800 versus 29... but you have a point on software... and I still love my
imagewriter II.. oh and the Quiktake 200, but I think the quicktake can
do windows... with an older flash reader. And the emate... it can do
windows too... somehow... i think...

> PS A simple conversion for MHz equivalence is 1 MHz G3 = 1.5 MHz PIII. (a
> similar conversion applies to G4 and PIV). A G3/400 with OS X will match
> (or
> outperform) a 600 MHz PIII with Win 95/98 (XP will *kill* a 600 MHz). Of
> course, if you like the Mac way of doing things then even a 1 GHz PIV
> won't
> outperform the 400 MHz G3!!!
> But, $29 can't be beat (well, unless you count lost productivity on
> Windows
> due to software headaches, or the cost of buying Win software).

so my 550 PC is roughly a 375mhz G3... hmmmm... I don't find a 600ibook
any faster than the 550 PC. 



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